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Is Your Desk Chair Right For You? Improve your Work from Home Posture.

Is working from home a Pain in the Neck? (Literally???)

The article below has some handy tips to improve your Work From Home Posture.

Ensure good ergonomic chair set up by following these simple guidelines

Lumbar Support:

  • An adequate Lumbar support is the key to taking stress off of your spine and maintaining great posture at your desk.

  • This is the bulky part of the backrest that usually fills out and maintains the lower back curvature.

Chair Height:

  • The chair should be high enough so that your feet rest flat on the ground and your thighs are parallel with the ground.

Chair Depth:

  • The chair seat should finish about three fingers width from the back of your knee crease.

  • Make sure your bottom is all the way to the back of the chair

Knee Angle:

  • Your knees should be bent at 90-120 degrees and your feet should be flat on the floor


  • A slightly more reclined chair has been proven to reduce stress on the lower back

  • Try to maintain some recline in your chair to between 100-130 degrees

Arm Rests:

  • Arm rests are very important and should be height adjustable

  • Your elbows should sit comfortably at 90-130 degrees on the arms rests

Take Regular Breaks:

  • Take regular breaks!!! Set at timer every 45 mins to get up and do a quick stretch.

  • Why do I Need breaks? Sitting in a chair with good posture among other things, requires core strength and after 45 minutes we often fatigue and find ourself in back in a bad posture.

Lead an Active Lifestyle:

It's also just as important to spend active time out of the chair!

  • Take a walk in your lunch break or after work,

  • Set up an alternate standing work station

  • Or even set up 'walking meetings' with your colleagues

Remember your work set up cannot alway be perfect but following these simple guidelines will help you achieve a great workplace set up.

If you require more information or a more personalised approach why not book in a consultation with one of our Experienced Physiotherapists at Sutherland Shire Physiotherapy Centre in Miranda who can assess any issues and improve your work ergonomics.

You can book online here or call us on (02) 9524 4400.

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